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OMG 2011

Activity! Dookie you are the only mod of fuck_childlove too, rez that shit.

I tried to find what used to be on that old group I think you were also in but I don't think wayBack archived it. Gay.
Bang Bang


Hey assholes, long time no see! I just wanted you all to know that although I will continue to be a moderator here, I'm voluntarily entering into troll retirement, where I will live out the rest of my troll-life as a dried-up husk of a whore sucking cocks for quarters. Cheers!
Anyways, I'm just posting one last time in order to give you a little heads up on a couple of new rules:

1) All new entries from here on out MUST be set as FRIENDS-ONLY. Also, it would be extremely awesome of you to friends-lock any past entries you may have posted.

2) Membership is still closed, but if you want to get in, all you have to do is comment to this entry. And all comments on this entry WILL BE SCREENED (with the exception of comments that amuse the hell out of me).

That is all.


Adult Babies

First off I'm a little sad to not see any other activity up until this point. Daaawe.
I don't like double posting but I was surfing youtube today and I stumbled across a video interviewing an adult baby. When I watched it I couldn't help but automatically think to put it in this community.

Keep your ears open for some of the memorable little tidbits she says.
Also note the fact she works in a NURSERY.

And again in more other news, HAY AGAIN GAIZ.

A documentary on "real dolls"

Most people by now have heard of the scarily "realistic" sex dolls. Basically they are customizable lifelike dolls that sell for around $6,000 a pop to people. And many of them take their relationships with the dolls seriously.

I'd go in depth a bit more but really this video explains it all.

Note that it is over half an hour long, but it is filled with freaks and lulz wether you watch it 4 minutes or 46. And its the only real "documentary" of it I've ever seen.

And in other news, HI THAR.


Me & my friends were at the Taco Bell down the road, getting some nachos and such, and we saw an old man and a girl that looked about eight. The old man had his hand on the girl's ass and if she tried to move away he would pull her back towards her. It was creepy. D:

Ohh and this black guy was there giving this white girl his number, and his girlfriend came in and she was like "BITCH LET'S GO OUTSIDE SO I CAN BEAT YOUR ASS" and the white girl got scared and left. It was funny.

That last part was unrelated but I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, no new freaks lately, I thought I would give input to make it a little more alive. ;_;

I AM CLOUD STRIFE!! (friendslocked)

20 April 2007 @ 09:23 pm
[protected post] Intro, yaaay  

Two people most often using this account are what some ppl call soulbonds. That is like, we consider our origins to be similar or identical with what is described in some fiction here. Some normals I have told my name asked me if I LIKE Cloud Strife and I did not know what to answer. I AM Cloud Strife and I am real, that there exists a character Cloud Strife and a lot of people see it as character ONLY is a different matter.

Think people are not too prepared for knowing that symbolic realities have stronger power than being just symbols. THat symbols transcend actually, and do not take care about space and time.

So yea, that is the first strange thing about me. My partners, more of them, are also characters or character-based. I am distance-dating Squall /also from Final Fantasy, the same series I am "from"/ and in-system dating Selene /Underworld. Or something./ Not that I would mind that much. Sometimes it just irritates me, because no one of us is lying. We are we, we do not change views on what we are every now and then, we can not make it go away.

Second weird thing about me is, I am a freak. In national and/or ethnic identity. I identify as Japanese, come along well with Japanese or people strongly associated with the culture, and things.

However, I have never been there. I do not even speak the language that much. Working on it a little, though. I do speak English way better in written form, though I like speaking in Japanese, talking English feels weird to me and as second language only. I consider my first here Japanese, EVEN IF I do not know how to make a comprehensible long sentence in it.

Enough weirdness for today. I can spoil you with my crap later.


So yeah, this guy thinks he's Cliud Strife. i got to see this because I happen to be a member of the community.
These Otakins really need to get out more.


androidxangel believes she really is an anime character. Let's laugh at her entry to an Ota-kin community.from_fiction

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Hey, everyone. Ive been looking over this community for a while...My name is Sarah, a.k.a Shion. Call me whichever you like.

I know i dwell from many, many worlds. One world in particular is the autonomous realm of Xenosaga. My connects with two beings of that universe. Specifically Shion Uzuki, and her mechanical A.I creation, KOS-MOS.

I am...not sure which of them is me, but..i am trying to confirm it through deep meditation, 4000 years into the future.

I am well aware that if I am either, One of my previous incarnates would have to be Mary Magdalene. KOS-MOS bears her soul, and Shion, to my knowledge, was Mary in the past.

Well, i look forward to everyones responses, and heads up to my sister, coeur_de_rein, who introduced me to this community.


What is an otakin?

The horrible, fiery collision of the otaku and otherkin subcultures. I.e., people who believe they are somehow involved with/reincarnated from the souls of anime/video game characters. Japanese pop culture is literally their religion. And no, it's not a joke. They are the ultimate illustration of how utterly batshit insane the Internet has become.